Coming Events


August 13          Gainesville IAIJ will meet with representatives of our faith-community allies 7:30 p.m.     Monday August 13 at the Mennonite Meeting House, 1236 NW 18th Avenue, Gainesville, to discuss upcoming campaigns.

August 24          Press Conference for release of 2012 North Florida Clergy Letter to Publix
                         11 a.m.  St. Augustine Catholic Church/Student Center  1736 West University Blvd., Gainesville.

September 10-15  Coalition of Immokalee Workers Week at the University of Florida.

September 13        Modern-Day Slavery Museum at UF Plaza of the Americas.

September 15        Fair Food Fair Trade Fair at Emmanuel Mennonite Church/Beltram Peace    Center, 1236 NW 18th Avenue, and Highlands Presbyterian Church, 1001 NE 16th Avenue, Gainesville FL.

October 13           "Immersion Visit" to Immokalee.  

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